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State Correctional Institution Smithfield
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Construction of SCI Smithfield was completed in 1988. The original design capacity of SCI Smithfield was originally for 492 inmates (A-G Blocks, RHU, and Medical cells). H Block was constructed in 1991 which added 66 (51 double cells and 15 single cells) additional cells. I Block was added in 1994 which added 144 cells/264 beds (120 double cells and 24 single cells). K Block was opened in 2010, which added 127 cells. J block, consisting of 13 cells, houses inmates involved in the Behavior Management Unit program. All housing units (except for I Block, as it was built with both single and double bunks) were originally constructed as single-cell housing units; however, additional beds were added over the years to all units thus increasing capacity. The average daily population at SCI Smithfield is 1360. In January 2021, SCI Smithfield became a reception facility as a mitigation effort to thwart the spread of COVID-19 within the PA Department of Corrections. SCI Smithfield is the reception facility for all male parole violators and new receptions from the counties. Inmates are kept at SCI Smithfield for a period of 25 to 28 days during which time they are quarantined or isolated dependent upon their COVID-19 status and tested for COVID-19 at routine intervals. Once cleared, they are transferred to a diagnostic center or other facility. SCI Smithfield houses approximately 180 Inmates on a permanent basis. Number of Total Acres: 61 acres of land Number of Acres Inside the Perimeter: 31 acres Number of Housing Units: 11 Housing Units Number of Buildings: 22
1120 Pike Street
Zip Code:
Phone 1:
(814) 643-6520
1120 Pike Street, 16652, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania