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Search York County Common Pleas Court Records Online

Court Name:
York County Common Pleas Court
Court Type:
Common Pleas
Street Address:
45 N. George St.
Zip Code:
Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM
Hon. Maria Musti Cook
Judge Phone:
Dan Byrnes
Clerk Phone:
Clerk Fax:
The Judicial Center is located at 45 N. George St. in York City, but no parking is available at the courthouse. Instead, you can park in any of four parking garages. If you park in these garages, you will not be charged.If you park anywhere else, you will be liable for applicable parking costs and will not be reimbursed. Market Street Garage: This is the primary and preferred garage for Jurors, you MUST park on level 8 or above. The levels are clearly marked. Location: 41 East Market St., York, Pa. 17401.King Street Garage: This is the second preferred garage; you MUST park on level 6 or above. The levels are clearly marked. Location: 15 West King St York, Pa. 17401.Philadelphia Street Garage: This is the third preferred garage; you MUST park on level 3 or above. The levels are clearly marked. Location: 25 W. Philadelphia St York Pa. 17401.Philadelphia Street Deck/Garage: This garage is at the corner of Philadelphia and Beaver streets. This is NOT at the garage across the street from the Stand Capital Theater. This garage is across the street from the White Rose restaurant. You MUST park on the upper level. The bottom level is not secure and jurors are not allowed to park on the lower level. The clearly marked entrance to the upper level is off of Gas Alley. Location: 101 W. Philadelphia St York Pa., 17401.
No shorts are permitted. All pants must be worn at the waist. No sagging or low-riding. Undershirts and tank tops, if worn, must be worn with another “cover-up “or sweater must be worn. Spaghetti straps alone are not allowed. Shoulders, backs, chests, and midriffs must be covered. No see-through type or suggestive clothing is to be worn.Prohibited items:Cell phones, Pagers, Knives or any type of cutting instrument (scissors), Pepper spray or mace, Cameras: however, cameras may be allowed for adoption hearings and certain ceremonial events. Firearms, ammunition, or black powder, Any type of recording device, Radios and cd players, Electronic games, Tools of any kind, Stun guns, Handcuff keys, No food or drink (food and drinks for infants and Jurors are allowed).
Forms and Filing:
Jury Service:
Billa Jamison
ADA Phone:
ADA Fax / Email:
About Additional Info:
The 19th Judicial District is composed of the York County Court of Common Pleas and 19 magisterial districts.The Court of Common Pleas, as the trial court, hears major civil and criminal cases. The Court also decides cases involving adoption, divorce, child custody, abuse, juvenile delinquency, estates, guardianships, charitable organizations and many other matters.
York County Common Pleas Court
45 N. George St., 17401, York, Pennsylvania