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Northampton County, PA Public Records

Northampton County public records are written, audio, video, or software materials that are transacted, collected, and stored by local government agencies. They are available for public access and viewing, provided there are no legal exemptions involved. Vital records are a part of these provisions as they are only accessible to certain requesters. These are spouses, close relations, legal representatives, and the person on the record. Births and deaths are obtained from the vital records office via the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Marriage records are available via the County Orphan’s Court, while divorces are sourced from the Prothonotary’s office. The fees for these checks depend on the method of sourcing and whether the record is certified. Property records are also available to all record seekers. These may be attained from the Recorder of Deeds or County Assessor.

Courts in Northampton County

Court Records in Northampton County, Pennsylvania

Northampton County court records are accessible to all requesters, provided there are no legal restrictions. Typically they are obtained from the Prothonotary or the Clerk of Courts. These officials preside over all civil and criminal case files within the County. The County is also home to several magisterial districts, county orphans, and common pleas courts. Record seekers may visit the specific courthouses where the cases were heard and go to the record rooms or view the desired material from a public terminal. Alternatively, there is also a state online option provided by the state for civil, criminal, family, and traffic court records. However, the right-to-know statutes maintain that not every record can be accessed by all requesters. Those which involve juveniles, abuse, or some ongoing criminal investigations are deemed confidential.

Court Name:
669 Washington Street
5275 E. Trindle Road
400 Northampton St.
3650 Nazareth Pk
3 Weller Pl
3 Weller Pl

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Northampton County

Arrest Records in Northampton County, Pennsylvania

Northampton County arrest records are available to all interested parties within the County, provided there are no legal contraventions. The records may include the arrestee’s physical information, witness statements, reason for arrest, and the arresting officer’s statement. Arrest reports are maintained by the County District Attorney. The office charges $0.25 a page, and these requests are processed or denied within five days of their receipt. Some records, though, are not accessible by every requester considering their content. Arrest reports with juveniles, child abuse, ongoing criminal investigations, or victim information are largely deemed confidential. They would only be accessed by law enforcement, parties to the incident, correctional facilities, or legal representatives. Northampton County has 33 police departments, and it is ranked 45th out of 67 in stations per capita. It has a crime rate of 18.1 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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